Melanie Maria

We have a tension to constantly focus on our individuality, but we tend to forget that we are all connected. We are aware of our own body in space, because we physically see another body in space. 

‘Movement Moments’ is an initiative since June 2019. During working intensely with eight performers and three understudy’s for the graduation work ‘Never learnt to share‘, Melanie Maria saw how (almost) unfamiliar individual bodies changed into a soft and trustful coherence. She noticed how her artistic career and statement came together with her 10-year experience as a Dance Teacher, so the idea of ‘movement workshops’ arised and extended.

Inspired by Release Techniques, Somatic Movement, her experience and vocabulary as dancer/choreographer/teacher and performance artist; the focus of the workshop is to become aware of our own self through our body and by doing this within a group, it up rises the existing and non-existing connection.

Melanie Maria is interested in collaborations in any kind of form. In the past she gave workshops to different ages in culture organisations, business organisations, community centers, schools and more…
Interested in a collaboration and/or workshop? Mail your questions to: