‘Performers Group’ is an initiative since June 2019. During working intensely with eight performers and three understudy’s for the graduation work ‘Never learnt to share‘, Melanie Maria saw how (almost) unfamiliar individual bodies changed into a soft and trustfull coherence. She noticed how her artistic statement could be integrated in some sort of method, so theĀ idea of ‘movement workshops’ arised and extended. From Summer 2019 and on, Melanie Maria will organize movement moments with different human beings who are interested in performing and human/dance movement. Inspired by Release Techniques, Somatic Movement, her experience and vocabulairy as dancer/choreographer/teacher and performance artist; the focus of the “movement moments” will be on creating performances through movement, body- and spatial awareness and of course, body-to-body connection.   Everyone can apply for ‘Performers Group’. Send your photo and motivation to info@melanie-maria.com.   Melanie Maria