, because it’s better (2019)

This performance was especially created for Nothing To Sell by Elisa Franzoi in Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma, Italy.


, about the abuse in the body.

Every sentence, every argument, every hit, every pinch, every threat ended with the three words : “, because it’s better.”. For 1,5 years I was in an abusive relationship. My body and my mind got controlled by the Other. I lived in fear every day and was a hostage in my own home, in my own body and in my own mind.

For three hours straight I will relive those 1,5 years. For three hours straight I will freeze myself once again. For three hours straight I will be pouring litres of yogurt over my own body. Yogurt has gone through a process of fermentation; a process where oxygen is being left out and mold is being created. My inner and outer body also went through this fermenting change. It felt like I couldn’t choose to breath anymore, my body was acing more and more every day.

The ritual of pouring the yogurt, is a recap but also a new healing process. Back in the days they used yogurt as they believed that yogurt could heal the children who were ill and nowadays we use types of yogurt as a reference to soften and taking care for the skin/the body. This idea goes also way back to Cleopatra who used to take milkbaths in a way that she believed this was beneficial for her beauty and to keep her young.

By this performance I want to make a statement that my body is not for sell. I am not an object. I am a human being who got stuck in desire, love and abuse. I am allowed to breath again.

For this performance I am using soy yogurt to not interfere with the exploitation of animals.

my body, yogurt