Never learnt to share | Galerie Ron Mandos edition (2019)

This short version was especially created for Best of Graduates 2019: Galerie Ron Mandos in Amsterdam. With four performers and 160 flowers.


This is between you and me. This is within us and we – keep on sharing. We all desire. We all share.  Who is the individual and what is the collective? What do we share and how do we perceive?  A line between the intimate and the impersonal. Can what’s us, be yours – and so, be ours? We are all emotional connected. We are individuals, part of a collective. We are all human. A performance lasting as long as the opening times of the exhibition. Taking place in the exhibition space as well as in the public space. Carnations being handed out between the performers, carnations being handed out to the spectators and the bystanders. We are all part of a collective. We all desire to share.

carnations, performers