On-going maternal series (2020 – present)

This is my home, this is my studio. This is where I work and where I live. With myself and my family. With all our expressions. This is where we are angry and frustrated, this is where we dance and where we laugh. We fight and discover new things. This is where my work arises and exists. My artworks are part of our life and our family.

And I would like to thank my family for this.


“Can a child become part of your daily practice as an artist? Is this unprofessional or is this a renewed idea in a waiting room for acceptance?
I have a new haircut, so I decided that a new Artist Portrait had to be made. I have also a new baby. What happens when I integrate my newborn child in this portrait? Is this a statement, unprofessional or unconventional?”


collaboration with:
Ulay Marcus Anderson